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Cave Life In France is a charming and humorous account of an American couple's move to France and their encounters with the people of the French countryside. It is a story of wine, food, and unforgettable characters in deep France. It is also a journal of the the problems of moving to a foreign country where the language, customs and culture make life difficult but always interesting. This is a must read for anyone interested in life in the French countryside.

To read excerpt about the cave where the author lives from Chapter 8

To read excerpt about dinner with our new neighbors from Chapter 10.

To read excerpt about what the French think about Thanksgiving from Chapt 20.

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 Author:       William Glover
Category:      Travel Essay
ISBN:         0-595-13521-8
Publication Date: October 2000
Format:        Trade paperback
Pages:         289 pages
Trim:          6" by 9 "

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